so you think you're all done, eh?

You've done the mall thing. The running all over town thing. You've made all your gift card runs. You baked cookies for the neighborhood cookie swap, planned the Christmas Eve Morning Gathering of friends for brunch and kid gift swapping. You've planned the Big Meal right down to the alcoholic coffee and dessert menu. The stocking stuffers are taken care of; the presents are all wrapped

You're DONE. And somehow you managed to do it all while managing to keep up with your everyday stuff. You know, the kids. Your job. The laundry. Dinner. Everything. Yay you!!

And then.

You remember you forgot to pick up a $5.00 or less thing for your kid's class gift swap.

You remember you were supposed to pick up the gift your husband ordered for his parents.

Then you get a card from somebody you COMPLETELY forgot to add to your card list and you're out of cards so you have to go buy another box of cards. And some stamps.

You wake up in the middle of the night, sit straight up in bed and shriek "SHIT! I forgot I was supposed to put together a White Elephant gift and make toffee for that party tonight!"

You realize you missed a hair appointment because you were too busy chiseling ice out of the driveway to look at the calendar. You know, that thing in the kitchen where you write the reminders for things like hair appointments.

And doctor appointments. DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS?? Crap.

Then, after you've made a new list and are feeling somewhat back in control, your teenager stands in front of you, hands you a sheet of paper with a bunch of numbers on it and says, "This is the website where you have to go to buy my stuff for the high school gymnastics team, and these are the item numbers. I need them by next Friday."

And she's so not kidding.

You don't panic, you just add it to your list, because really, it's no biggie...it's not like you have to leave the house to do that, right?

So just when you're really feeling all organized and cocky about it, you remember that your friend, whom you really, really love and enjoy spending time with but don't see nearly enough of, is coming for coffee on Thursday morning and you're really happy you'll get to see her, so you just take a deep breath and know that scrambling around on Friday morning to get DONE instead of sitting on your ass doing nothing is a very small price to pay for spending time with one of your very favorite people on the planet on Thursday.

This would be where you remember you rescheduled your hair appointment for Friday.

At least you'll be scrambling around with pretty hair.


Blogger Pocklock said...

My husband came home tonight and found me sitting under the dining room table refusing to wrap ANY. MORE. GIFTS! NO MORE! Next year? People get COAL!

Sorry. You were saying?

Blogger lemony said...


That made me giggle.

Think we can get away with coal and starting every morning with alcohol sometime around Thanksgiving? Please say yes.


Blogger ccw said...

I was so happy when I realized I was finished shopping and wrapping. HA! Of course I was not finished because I left off several people that I have to give gifts. Then there are the dance teachers, preschool teachers, GS leaders, teachers, and so on.

Naturally, Kid L added two more teachers to her list yesterday proclaiming she needed their gifts today. Then there is the Jewish boyfriend she has had for 6 days...


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