grocery shopping

She looks at me, eyes pleading, and for a split-second I consider saying she can have them, but then I remember she's allergic to them and eating them can kill her, so I have to say no.



Foot stomping.

"I'll be sad if you get sick," says me, explaining.

"And you'll be even sadder if I run away!" says she, not caring.

"Not really," mutters me under my breath, for this is the tenth such episode in five minutes.

The woman to my right gasps in horror. The woman to my left laughs heartily.

I wonder which one of them is a parent.


Blogger Om.powered said...

Oh, the mommy? Definitely the one on the left.

That one on the right? Yeah - light a candle that she's not a social worker with DSS.

And I? SO hear ya, baby.


Blogger lemony said...

Ten hissy fits in five minutes. Ten. I love the child madly and wait anxiously for the day she uses her powers for good.

Ten hissy fits. In five minutes.

LOUD hissy fits.

That girl.

Blogger Om.powered said...

I really can't imagine where she'd get that from.

*bats lashes*

That girl.



Blogger Jaycee said...

Hehehehe!!! I can guess who gasped. It's amazing what some people will say to a parent trying to parent their child in public...or reaction (as in your case).

10 hissy fits in five minutes you say? Lord have mercy! What is it with little girls? Mine throws herself down on the ground if she doesn't make it just so during playing something competitive.

Blogger JFK Loves Belarus said...

*snort* I can see the scene right in front of me. Oh, can I ever see it.



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