slacker blogger

Yep, that's me. Well, okay, it's not really, since my hair is much longer and I don't have a penis, but the slacker part is totally me these days. At least where this blog is concerned, anyway.

I have good intentions, I really do, but somewhere between my morning coffee and my nightly sprawl on the couch I get busy. Even on the days I don't get all that busy, I can always think of something else I can do instead. Like walk the dog. Or read the last twenty pages of that overdue library book. And, on my really slacker-ish days, watch a bunch of Without A Trace reruns on TNT.

Yeah. I know. Lame.

I need a kick in the butt.


Anonymous Pocklock said...


Did that work?

It's sent with love!

Blogger anne said...

(putting on my big boot)


You're too good of a writer to watch reruns! And walk the dog! Although I completely understand that the dog needs walking.

Write! Write! Write!

(as I slunk back to my own neglected blog...)


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