you are here

Or at least I am here. Right now. This very minute. Seriously. I can hear the waves crashing as I type.
No, we didn't decide we just couldn't take it anymore and that it was time to just up and leave before anybody knew to stop us. Mr. Lemony needed to be here for his job, so I said, "Uh, excuse me, but if you're going to the Caribbean in February, I am going to the Caribbean in February, thankyouverymuch."
And so here I am. It is 80 degrees at midnight in February and last night I ate dinner on a beach without my shoes. Frankly, I'm kind of freaked out, because HELLO it's February, but I'm not complaining.

Regularly scheduled blogging shall resume after our five days on the beach and I'm back in Quiet Village where it is most definitely not 80 degrees at midnight in February.


Blogger kat said...

I hate you.

Not really, but right now? Yes.

Have fun!

Blogger anne said...




Anonymous Pocklock said...

SO JEALOUS! Have a blast!

Anonymous jouette said...

you wench! i wanna be you in my next life ;) enjoy your barefoot beach, baby. xo

Blogger Siuan said...

It's not fair!!! It's -32 degrees Celcius right now! I want the warm beach! I wanted to come!

Tired of my whining! Have a nice time and enjoy the beach. I'm so jealous!

Blogger ccw said...

I am green with envy. Lucky, lucky you!

Blogger Jennifer said...

I know you are probably home now...but LUCKY!

I hope you guys had a wonderful vacay!


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