so listen...

There was a time, once, long ago, when I knew exactly the way my life would go.

(that rhymes. hee.)

Needless to say, I knew absolutely nothing.

I'll be a published author before I'm old, I thought. Guess what? I'm not published. I'm not old, either, so I guess there's time, but since no great novel-length tale has spun itself from my brain it's not looking so good. I'm starting to think I'm just not as creative as my idiot high school English teacher told me I was. Damn him.

Speaking of English class.

I turned on the television the other day and saw the girl who sat next to me in 10th grade English. There she was, all blonde and perky, obviously experiencing success, and there I was...not blonde and decidedly not perky. Talk about a sudden urge to rethink every decision you've ever made in your entire life.

So. What's next?