is this thing on? hello?

I'm not dead. Woot.

The activity level here at Lemony Villa for the past few weeks has been ridiculous, starting with visits to doctors who specialize in organ transplant (we're fine, but there is a story there) and ending with school vacation week.

Yep, that's right, the Lemonettes are all home from school on this wonderfully rainy, dank, and cold week in MID-APRIL.

Hello? Spring? Where are you?

Did I mention the complete and utter destruction a freak Nor'Easter wreaked on my backyard? No? Let's just say we need a new fence. And shed. And swing set. And pool fencing.

There's a mutantly giant woodpecker with a red head pecking away at the remnants of the fence. I mean this sucker is HUGE. What's up with the mutant bird?

And? Thanks to the fence that is no longer a fence? Coyote in the backyard this morning.

It's armageddon out there.

But I'm not dead. Woot.