imma buy you a pony

The youngest Lemon spends each morning at a camp run by the recreation department here in Quiet Village. They have fun activities, like Pirate Adventure Scavenger Hunts and Creating Giant, Lemony Child-Sized Flowers Out Of Tissue Paper and Sticks...things I have neither the desire nor the patience to do.

(in my defense, I'm an excellent kitchen buddy...we make play dough and dairy-free cookies together frequently. we even made our own paper once...complete disaster, by the way. lemony child got bored before it dried and wandered off to paint with glitter glue on the cat)

Now, Lemony Child has never been a quiet kind of kid, so I'm usually treated to an endless stream of chatter about the daily camp scene on the ride home. I've heard about after-snack trips to the playground, before-snack rides on the water slide (only on the REALLY REALLY WICKED HAWT! days, of course), Cara's unexpected little trip into the swamp on Explore Nature Day, and the day Lauren got a bloody nose because she stuck a stick up there.

Today, though, the child was just "too hot and CRANKY!" to share the exploits of Quiet Village's first-grade population, so I obliged her by turning on the radio and not asking too many questions. The two of us happily hummed along to Elliot Yamin, Evanescence, and T-Pain and laughed at Lemony Mutt's ears flapping in the breeze from the window.

When we were just about home, Lemony Child said, "I remembered something, Mumma!"

I fully expected a story about a frog or the monkey bars the child is determined to master before school starts up...but no...

"You know, in that song, when that guy is talking about being in a bed all oooo, oooo, and oooo? You know the one, Mumma? 'Imma BUY YOU A DRANK! ooo-oooh-ooo-oh!' Yeah. That one. First of all, what kind of word is Imma anyway? Did he make that up? And? And? About that drink. WHY does it have to be a drink? I mean, why can't it be candy? Or a pony? That's what he should say. 'Imma BUY YOU A PONY! ooo-ooooh-ooo-oh!'"

We're listening to talk radio from now on.